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Jan 19, 2013 11:30am PST
on religion the way she feels about discussion and views on her sexual preference. i don't know why anybody has -- if anybody asked me what my religion is. one of the problems is people wearing religion on their sleeve in poll particulars, i was shocked to even know that. i don't know anybody's religion in congress. >> going back to the constitution we have freedom of religion and freedom of choice. i think it's great that she has -- >> i agree with you. >> thank you. she has that voice so we won't have people wearing the bible on their arm because as true christians you're not supposed to judge anyway. >> what about this, though, how can you campaign at church which a lot of politicians like to campaign which you don't belong to one. >> i think a lot of politicians a lot of different dab -- she's not been outside that community. if i'm not -- i think she went to bring ham young. >> she did. for her under grad. >> the university, rht. i don't think she -- she mentioned in the interview her family church community helped them. doesn't sound like she's anti-because she has -- >> you can send
Jan 19, 2013 8:30am PST
. it is not the same religion, but we have much in common. >> but others could not accept the idea of muslims praying in a former christian church. >> i think it would be better if they set up a mosque someplace else in town. if the christians keep giving ground, we will lose our faith and identity. after all, france is a christian country. >> the sale of the church would not have had a happy ending. for the archdiocese responsible for the church got involved and decided instead to sell the church to a charity. the bishop justified the decision by saying the paris- based charity was nondenominational. this even though it is called the fraternity of st. aloysius and is dedicated to the same st. as the church. they are collecting donations to buy the building. their motto "stop the mosque" makes their position clear. >> we are opposed to converting the church into a mosque. christenings, weddings, and funerals were once held there. now that will all be wiped away. the church will be something else entirely. we have gathered thousands of signatures from all over france and from canada and switzerland. s
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Jan 19, 2013 1:00am PST
. martin luther king jr. andrew seattle who is with the freedom from religion foundation. mr. stittle, abraham lincoln and dr. king too two amazing american icons you want to take their bibles and remove them from the ceremony. >> i much prefer dr. king's writing on the letter from the birmingham jail where he talks about the white church standing on the sideline mouthing trivialalities and pyes irrelevancy while he does the work of the civil rights movement. >> bill: you must know that dr. king invoked god in almost every speech that he made. >> article 2 section one of the constitution which lays out the oath does not say anything about the word so help me god. it says i will preserve to the best of my ability, preserve, defend and protect the states period. it's kind of ironic that the president is going to amend that in the middle of it. >> bill: do you know why george washington wanted the words god so help me god in? do you know why? >> george washington did not say so help me god. the first recorded instance is 1801. >> bill: if you look at his inaugural address it's peppered w
Jan 19, 2013 6:00pm EST
schools. i bought the line. i still buy the line. c-span: have you stayed with your religion all your life? >> guest: yes, i guess i have. i guess i really have -- or it stayed with me. one or the other. c-span: has it been hard? >> guest: sometimes. sometimes, yes. it's a pretty secular business. moving around the world a lot sometimes gets hard, but i think it's also your strength as well as difficult. c-span: people who are angry at the press write a lot that they don't think many members of the press are very religious. do you find that? >> guest: i don't know. you mean whether they practice a religion? c-span: we get calls here where people suggest they're even anti-religious. >> guest: yes, in a way i think for a lot of them, politics becomes their religion or broadcasting becomes their religion. c-span: conservative. >> guest: conservative, yes. i was a charter member, literally, of young americans for freedom back in the early '60s. actually it was the late '50s because i came to new york in '59. read buckley stuff. thought it was great. liked what he said. it seemed to fit in with
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Jan 19, 2013 8:30am PST
's point. tort reform is necessary and comes not from religion. but reforming the ethics of the legal profession. lawyers should not bring fort executes that have no standing under the law. until we get the professor to not chase dollars. we have a problem. the issue is not people and their particular issues. >> okay. but tracey, that is no way. you are putting the wolf in charge of the heen house. you have to do something. >> i want to hear from someone who has three kid and i don't think she is afraid of them. >> they are scaring on certain days. but you don't enter into a profession wh you are scared of children. no one is scared of children. every now and then give them a cookie and they smile. you need to put a limit that the injured party can receive and that will stop the ambulance chasers f. there is no pot of the gold there is nothing to chase. >> what do on you make about the point of the attorneys and people coming up with random phobia. >> i know it sounds crazy but i agree with christian. i think he is right. it does start with that and i will extend it further. not only
Jan 19, 2013 12:15pm EST
. i had more than one teacher whose religion was elliott's four quartets and we learned attitude from yates and the greek anthology. we wanted to come proud, overnight and laughing. i loved this epitaph of an ancient greek sailor. in the greek anthology translation by dudley fits, wonderful teacher, tomorrow the wind will have fallen, tomorrow i will be safe in arbor, tomorrow i said and death spoke in that little word, stranger, this is the nemesis of the spoken word, bite back the daring tongue that would say tomorrow. we marvel that keeps's ability to imagine what it would feel like to be a billiard ball rolling across the smooth table. we hundred for lives that had the emotional range of shakespeare's sonnets. if we were going to be saved we knew it would be by literature. there was a french historian who put it best for me as i tried in my mid 40s to turn from biography to life writing, history, you could think he meant to include biography and fiction, history, he said, is not a narrative, it is not analysis, it is a resurrection. this is some of what brenda wineapple has in min
Jan 18, 2013 7:00pm PST
is not be jihadist religion as opposed to that going on in northern mali. the french, they have done quite well. i think they have retaken timbuktu and some other northern cities. the next step is to go into the sierra, and that can only be done with help of countries like algeria, which really have the experience in desert warfare. united states can help. we can bring our experience from our fighting in afghanistan and iraq and provide -- the african soldiers are going to fight this battle with trading. we can provide training and logistics, and we definitely have interest in doing this, because this aqim, the body is now in mali. it has links, arms, into nigeria and libya, including the one you possibly killed our ambassador and colleagues. the squabbles of all of the areas that are ill got burned or undergoverned around the region, -- that are ill governed or ungoverned. >> good to talk to you. thank you very much. the u.n. is warning of a growing crisis in neighboring mali. there was a focus of heavy fighting. >> fleeing the violence that is engulfing much of their country, these people are fr
Jan 18, 2013 7:00pm EST
a religion or a religious experience or community to sort of subscribe to. i think i missed the boat. i envy people who have a strong faith and a community of faith that they live in. and know that reading about your upbringing, that was a huge rock and solid high ground in your upbringing. i had a very moral upbringing, and spiritual in a not very specific way. the kind of songs that i write are sort of agnostic spiritual. tavis: it sounds oxymoron in, and yet you pull it off, an agnostic spiritual. >> to me, it is about whether or not you can stand a mystery, or where the can stand to have things b. unresolved. people want answers. particularly when there is a threat to it, when not knowing might kill you. it seems to me as though human consciousness evolved to look for trouble and to look for problems, to look for threats. it is the nature of human consciousness to look for trouble constantly, and we find it. tavis: when james taylor joined us the following year, he had just put out a terrific cd. he brought his guitar along this time, that had special meaning since the day he discovered
Jan 19, 2013 12:00am PST
with any of this stuff on the set. religion -- i think there was one episode about it, but it wasn't like a water cooler topic. >> when he went off, he said he regretted it and he wished he didn't. when he did, did you try to reach out to him? >> no, because i knew when i did it, i had people coming at me, i knew i probably wouldn't get through and i didn't want to be the guy that was like, hey, man, now that that happened, i'm calling. and he would be like, why didn't you call before that? you know what i'm saying? he's a terrific kid. this feels temporary, not like a jonestown meltdown. >> speaking of meltdowns, lindsay lohan who you gave $100,000 to. >>> back now with charlie sheen. tell me, why did you give lindsay lohan $100,000? >> good question. i thought i was going to get it back. no. >> did you get it back? >> no, it wasn't about that. they offered me a ton of dough for one day's work. i was flattered. they said, we want to hire lindsay to make it more epic, but we want to give her half of what we gave you. and they took it back from me and they shorted her $100,000 on what i th
Jan 19, 2013 8:00am EST
or bothered me about my religion. it was hard for me to give up my citizenship and i am sure in tehran is not easy to do. the man behind me in line with a hungarian who hugged me and citizens it great to be an american? i said don't know. i will tell you later. >> we opened the book with a vivid scene from 1968, you had flown to reno to get a divorce in the days before his divorce. very difficult to get a divorce back then. it had be someone's fault and it was not easy. she came back and was in a bit of a state and drove her car directly into the middle of a riot in downtown d.c.. it was the morning after the night martin luther king was assassinated in a city of people here who note exploded. the 1960s and 1968 was a time of major turmoil in the united states and also a huge time of change in your life because you did something that was difficult, you got a divorce after a very long marriage and it was the time when the women's movement was really beginning to get underway in united states but i was impressed that you were not inspired by the women's movement, it was something else. >
Jan 19, 2013 6:00pm EST
. religion of high pressure in control, setting us up for nice conditions. a little bit of activity over the upper great lakes, as we see winter precipitation there. here at home, things are still calm and a little on the cooler side, but overall, things will be quite different compared to today and tomorrow than they will be moving into inauguration day. for tonight, mostly clear to partly cloudy skies overall. we've got a frontal system to keep an eye on. this religion of high pressure is going to dive through and to the south. the first front, one of two, our weather makers. this one's going to move through into tomorrow. so cold front heads through tomorrow that's going to set the stage for the long-term forecast in the beginning of the week and for holiday monday. that's the second frontal system behind it that's going to bring in a shot of very, very cold arctic air. tomorrow, we're looking at mostly sunny skies. we've got one more day where it's fairly comfortable before the arctic air arrives. once it does, the chill is really going to set in. temperatures well below seasonal, an
Jan 19, 2013 9:00am EST
that today, to be a follower of the yoruba religion is to earn the death sentence in certain parts of nigeria. christians also earned the death sentence in certain parts of nigeria and christians respond in kind and set upon the muslim community. but the level of intolerance based on ignorance has enriched such -- european papers any time in nigeria find out the church has been burned down, worshipers are machine guns, the mosque has been burned down, bombed out of existence because even within the muslim religion there are different degrees of purity. once i consider the other side not sufficiently pure and therefore deserving censorship, the nigerian situation is more complicated as in other societies. there's never one single issue that needs to this total stabilization of society. >> you can watch this and other programs online at .. >> thank you, amanda. um, okay. i wrote a little something here, and i can get my glasses on and read it -- oh, and i've also got it, wait a minute, it's in the kindle. so let's see if i can read it in the kindle. but it's this little t
Jan 18, 2013 9:00pm EST
, he claimed to be agnostic. wow, we never really dealt with any of this stuff on the set. religion -- i think there was one episode about it, but it wasn't like a water cooler topic. >> when he went off, he said he regretted it and he wished he didn't. had he did, did you try to reach out to him? >> no, because i knew when i did it, i had people coming at me, i knew i probably wouldn't get through and i didn't want to be the guy that was like, hey, man, now that that happened, i'm calling. and he would be like, why didn't you call before that? you know what i'm saying? he's a terrific kid. this feels temporary, not like a jonestown melttown. >> speaking of meltdowns, lindsay lohan who you gave $100,000 to. c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid. is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in
Jan 19, 2013 3:00pm EST
in the distinction between race and religion and etc. so by giving it a name and it's starting to have its own life. i'm jumping ahead a little bit, but in 1934, roosevelt was going to give his annual address to congress. the president would give an address to the nation and to the congress. and it was called the state of the union. a lot of these terms were sort of created by presidents -- we think they are from day one. in fact, they are ones that have been added later. and again, some of them are just wonderful. just jumping to a couple, zachary taylor created the term first lady. he applied it to dolly madison but it was the first that anyone had ever used that term. the first lady of the land. benjamin harrison was jumping around a little bit and woodrow wilson had potomac fever, which was something that harry truman loved to quote. politics is adjourned was woodrow wilson, watchful waiting was very appropriate. first with his relationship with dictatorship in mexico, feeling that we should go in and intervene wilson said no, this is watch and wait. once the war started, world war i, that was
Jan 19, 2013 10:30am EST
in those da y when given the -- between franco and the vatican, which made serviery other religion illegal begin that chapter with a funny stormed i am in a bar in northen spain and the guys are trying to teach me how to pour the wonderful cider, the hard cider which perhaps you know -- you hold the bottle this wg your head, you have a glass with a very big opened last pointing out and the cider is supposed to hit the outside and bounce in and iite trying to do that and most of it is running down my pants all over the floor. little bit is going into the glass and one of the guys sa y to me -ke twe are pretty well drunk by this time and one of the unn y sg catholic or atheist? those seemed to be the only possibilities. i said no, i am neither a catholic nor an atheist. no kidding? you must be protestant. why would you think that? servierybody an american governt -- that is not true either. john kennedy -- so i said, what are you? i am jewish. you couldn't be jewish. he ghy couldn't i be it? r aou don't have any horns. i joked, i said i had some cut off when i came into the ford yn service.
Jan 19, 2013 4:45pm EST
in gold and religion. why spices. why were spices so valuable back then? it wasn't just that food was terrible in europe, it was. all the spices, each new exotic spice was thought to have certain properties, they might make you feel a bit more randy. how shall i put this? each of these new spices were the niagara of the day so that is one of the reasons his trade became so valuable. so after the conquest and colonization the settlers made fortunes exporting drugs back to europe and consuming them in this hemisphere as well and buy drugs i mean sugar which many people consider a drug, where we get rum from, definitely a drug, coffee, tobacco, and these aphrodisiac spices. these things became the developmental engine for hemispheric development. vast fortunes were created. think about where we are today, washington d.c. virginia, maryland. these were all drugs. the first time a lot of these drugs are introduced back to europe people looked at them with revulsion. tobacco. a bizarre thing. why would you put fire and smoke in your mouth? coffee was thought to be subversive. it had the
Jan 19, 2013 8:00am EST
parts of the world and all religion. - and it's not some new thing. - this is a disorder that's been going around for hundreds of years. we have just not been able to peg it easily because the names keep changing, or we don't describe it very well. - it's not about willpower. - a.d.h.d. is not a condition of a lack of effort or trying or a moral defect. it's a neurobiological disorder, and it's not because people aren't trying hard enough. - it's hard to navigate with a brain that's not firing on all cylinders. you can't get activated. you can't sit still. you can't focus on command. - and you're not lazy. - people with a.d.d. work extraordinarily hard. people with a.d.d. are working their hearts out just to get through the day. - and, no, you're not stupid. - contrary to popular belief most kids who have a.d.h.d. are of average or even high-average intelligence. - this runs in families. - if there is a child in the family with a.d.h.d., there's a 40% chance that one of the two parents will have a.d.h.d. - every time we ask the parent one or both the parents recognize th
Jan 19, 2013 7:00am EST
influences and the like. >> to my knowledge there aren't any studies looking at the religion related to media violence use. one of the things i'm concerned about is that i believe there are other risk factors include kids who are isolated from healthy loving communities, from adult role models, and especially those kids who are growing up in violent areas, their dad hit their mom at home in a violent neighborhood so it's not safe to go outside. those kids might be at home with tv and video games nothing else to do. there were some studies on tv influence and what quantity of tv are you watching and link it to aggression and crime. but those kids might well have been watching tv because they had nothing else to do. that it is the only thing there to relieve their bordm. host: from twitter. is there a direct correlation between the way kids play and act out? guest: from what i understand -- it's an absolutely normal healthy child development for boys to do what they call rough and tumble play. they do stuff in groups, aggressive stuff, to see who is on top and work out the hierarchy and my impr
Jan 19, 2013 5:00am PST
. clearly they must get something out of this religion and of this faith. what do you think they are getting out of scientology? >> let's start with millions of members which the church says that they have. according to census figures, 25,000 people in the u.s. call themselves scientologists. that's half the number of rastafarians. in the entire world there may be 30,000. this figure, millions of scientologists, is another one of those unsupported statements by the church that they're constantly putting out with no evidence about it at all. >> there's been a lot of reaction to your book, as you know. >> yes. >> the church has dismissed it. they have questioned your credibility, calling your sources liars. and both the canadian and the british versions of your book at the last minute are now not being published. the church says the reason is because it's false. and that it's defamatoriy. how do you respond? >> i know the church came here and talked to your executives. and you asked them to be on camera. where are they? did you ask david miskavich to come on and defend the allegations against
Jan 19, 2013 6:00am EST
in that religion. i say you buy it, you own it and be proud of it. i agree. thank you. i do agree. i do. however, it's not that somebody tells me i can't bring it home. it's just i'm almost embarrassed by my own fabric gluttony. i hide it from myself. i think if i don't show anybody then i really didn't buy another $300 worth of fabric. but i have to have it. i have to have it. i have to tell you something. mary lou, the truth is i am like lucky i found fabric before drugs or i would be in some gutter somewhere. i'm telling you, that's how bad it is. i have a jones for cotton. wow, i turn my back and look what happens. i know. they never saw us coming. i've been standing off set and it looks fantastic. you never even looked at it? i've been looking as it's built over here and it's beautiful. should we tell the other group now? i have my hat ready. what do you have up your sleeve? you have to go like this. put you right here. all right, pretend you never saw this. are you ready to show something, miss burns? yes. ta-da!!! awesome! are we good or what! you mean you're d
Jan 18, 2013 10:30pm EST
the barriers that separated those of different race and region and religion, and where there had been mistrust, built unity, with a respect for diversity, that we had found productive work for those able to perform it, that we had strengthened the american family, which is the basis of our society, that we had ensured respect for the law and equal treatment under the law, for the weak and the powerful, for the rich and the poor, and that we had enabled our people to be proud of their own government once again. i would hope that the nations of the world might say that we had built a lasting peace, based not on weapons of war but on international policies which reflect our own most precious values. these are not just my goals -- and they will not be my accomplishments, but the affirmation of our nation's continuing moral strength and our belief in an undiminished, ever-expanding american dream. thank you very much. >> here's for from the list of inauguration we found from the academy. polk was in 1845. buchanan inauguration was the first known to be photographed. during lincoln's second inaugura
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)